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Botanica - Beauty By Nature

31st Oct 2008

Botanica received an amazing write up in the Pharmacy In Focus magazine, which mentions how Botanic created phenomenal sales success!

The Northern Irish based creator of all new, wonder beauty range Botanica believes it is set to become an international leader in the next five years. Sean Cooney, a local entrepreneur, has devoted the last 20 years of his life to Botanica – Natures Healing Energy, a new 100% natural range, which already has created phenomenal sales success here.

Sean, an ambitious farmer’s son from the South East of Ireland was working with a team of scientists on environmental issues in London in the 1980’s when he got disillusioned by the use of over-manufactured beauty products, which were filled with chemical and not in his view natural ingredients:

“I saw a niche in the market to begin developing my own ‘all natural’ range, which has taken 20 years of dedication and research involving specialists from all over the globe, and much trial and error,” Sean explained. “Initially the product was developed for the equestrian world and soon I had orders from as far away as Hong Kong and America. To my surprise individuals, including celebrities admitted they too had started using Botanica on their own skin and were achieving amazing results.”

Botanic is now the brand of choice for a growing number of supermodels, premiership footballers, and even members of the Royal household. Notably, its launch onto the market six months ago with Gordon’s Chemists was panic buying and waiting lists emerged around the province. Botanica has been highly praised by many, including doctors treating scar tissue, and friends with eczema.

Early in 2007, support from Invest NI aw Sean’s dream extend further. “I wasted no time and with the right support from Invest NI we set about developing the range to include a cleansing face wash, anti-ageing cream, moisturiser, hand cream and of course the original skin repair cream,” he added. “The ingredients we use are the finest in the world, nothing artificial and each product is packed full of vitamins and goodness.”

“Botanica’s unique blend of natural oils, such as lavender and comfrey combine to enrich and hydrate the skin. When frequently used, Botanica’s Natural Herbal Creams promote healthy cell growth helping to maintain skin’s elasticity resulting in a more youthful, softer smoother skin.”

“ I believe this formula is the best that there is out there and I challenge anyone out there to tell me any different.”

Tom, an accountant from Belfast has praised the new formula. “ I have had psoriasis for eight or nine years,” he said.  “After seven years of creams, ointments, tablets, steroids, moisturizers, emollients, light therapy treatments wraps ….you name it and I’ve tried it. Another cream, yes, I did try it expecting it to do no good. It has however proved to be priceless. After only four days the itching has stopped, no redness, open sores began to heal, no itchy infections and a huge improvement in general wellbeing. Please send some to the Ulster Hospital Dermatology Unit; they need to know about this!”

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Client Testimonials

  • Alan Roocroft,
    Owner operator.Elephant Business.

    It’s been my experience that Botanica products work as a softening agent on Elephant’s tails and feet. The areas on the tails and feet after Botanica creams were used were softer and

  • Alfonso Martin MRCVS,
    8 Scroggy Lane, Glenavy, Crumlin


    We have been using Botanica products for the past 2 years

     cracked heals…


    Itching - Anti-Itch

    Infact Botanica can

  • Mrs S J Smith (Racehorse Trainer),
    Bingley West Yorks

    I have been using Botanica products for more than 2 years on our horses, in particular the Wash and Herbal Cream. I have found these products to be excellent and very effective.


  • Dr Adrian Mulholland,

    Hello Sean


    I have been recommending Botanica Wash and Herbal Cream for all types of skin conditions.

    Another indication for your considerat

  • Eileen O'Brien,

    Dear Sean

    I have to write to tell you of the excellent results I have had from using your products. I bought your antiseptic cleansing wash plus other products at the horse of the yea

  • Imogen Miskin,

    Hi Sean I would just like to say a very big thank you! for kindly giving me some of your BOTANICA natural herbal cream, at "your horse live". For the scar on my forehead from when a do

  • Jenny Close,

    Hi Sean

    I was talking to you last night, my blackberry battery was too flat to email last night.

    I use Botanica Natural Herbal Skin Cream in the way windowlene is used in M

  • Cala Russell,

    I was given a sample of your amazing cream by Di at Coltsfoot (our sponsor) and IT IS AMAZING !! It heals almost anything... form spots to cuts and back again. No offence but its a little like h

  • Mollie,


    My mother bought a selection of you creams. She gave me some to use as a DEODERANT. I didn’t think for one minute that it would work, but I did use it at her persistence. To

  • Mrs Theresa Lennon,

    I was first introduced to Botanica Healing Skin Cream when my daughter contracted chicken pox.

    My sister worked in a local Pharmacy and recommended it. She had it very bad on her face

  • Huw Gruffydd,
    Wynnstay, Rhuthun

    Hi Sean,

    It has been nearly seven weeks since I e mailed you thanking you for the package you kindly sent to me. The filly had a nasty cut on her leg about above her

  • Mark Durning,
    4 Moorefield church road killiney co. Dublin

    Hi Sean
    I am an Equine Dentist and use only the best products that are on the market. My customers’ horses deserve the best care possible and this is why I use

  • Paula Flavin,

    Hi Sean ,my stallion had very serious problems in his sheath area caused by a buildup of smegma ,we had tried everything, and was having intensive treatment by the vet ,I had heard about Botanic

  • Claire Dunphy,

    Hi Sean,


    I purchased a 550 ml tub of the Botanica Anti-Itch cream and 500ml Botanica cleansing wash at the Dublin Horse Show in August.  I have a horse that has

  • Mairi,

    I would like to thank you for selling me the pack at the Royal Highland Show which included the Anti Itch.  My pony has not itched at all since using your product and I have used it on othe

  • Laura Domenica,

    Dear Sean,


    I have a Friesian mare. When I bought her, I didn’t realize she had Severe Itch. We went on holiday in the spring and when I returned two weeks late

  • Diana Milligan,

    Hi Sean, I rang you last year and you said you would donate a Botanica Hamper to the Scottish Donkey Breed Society and we would very much like to take you up on this offer for a fundraising raff

  • Peta Roberts F.B.H.S.,

    Dear Sean,

    At HOYS you asked me to let you know how my pony was doing on your anti itch cream. He now has hair on his quarters, and a tail, and our fence rails are intact! It took unt

  • Alfonso Martin,
    8 Scroggy Lane, Glenavy, Crumlin

    We have been using Botanica products for the past 2 years.


    It has always worked very well and are pleased with the results


    IN a 'Coals to Newcastle' sce­nario, a small Northern Ireland company has started selling herbal products to China.

    Botanica International from Warrenooin

  • Jane Zhang,

    In an unusual reversal, a British herbal company has landed a cor selling natural medicinal lotions, sprays and liquids to China where h medicine has been conducted for thousands of years.

  • Ray Cooling,

    IN WHAT appears to be an act of total role reversal, a United Kingdom company has landed a long contract to sell herbal remedies to China. Botanica International, based in Northern Ireland, make

  • News,

    Nick Skelton uses Botanica on Arko

    The top show jumper Arko owned by John Hales of One Man and Azertyuiop fame, fame, used to suffer from permanently cracked heels until rider Nick Sk

  • Newry,
    39A Patrick St

    We have been using the Botanica range of products for more than 2 years and found them very effective.

    They promote the recovery off horse skin. They are effective in recovery of cuts

  • Hugh C. Suffern,

    We have been using Botanica Range of Products for a number of years now with amazing w'.kits on Cuts, Grazes, Cracked & Sore Heels. In Botanica can be used daily

    The Botanica

  • Buisness Life,

    Last year there was panic buying in high street giant Boots after one of its own brand skin care

    creams was featured in BBC science documentary and again queues ha

  • Marian Cooper,

    A Northern Irish woman who survived a bomb blast hails Botanica as a miracle cream, as it healed a wound after almost 20 years!

    "I was about to get into the bath when a bomb expl

  • Paul Mulholland,

    Please see attached photograph of the tip of my left ring finger after an accident at work and following plastic surgery at the Ulster Hospital, Belfast.

    I know it looks a right mess

  • Dessie Hughes,

    My name is Dessie Hughes and I am a horse trainer based at The Curragh Co Kildare. Due to increasing wet weather and regular use of artificial surfaces on the gallops our horses often suffer, We

  • Tom Taffe,

    Dear Sean

    We have been using your Botanica Herbal Cream for two years now for various conditions, We have found the product to be excellent and all problems have cleared up very quick

  • News,

    THE red hand logo of Botanica International is easily recognised by people in the sport horse sector, but an increasing number of race­horse owners, trainers and bree­ders are becoming a

  • Dr Salom√© Weingarten France,

    We met at the FRANCE VET congress in Paris a month ago and you gave me a few samples of your products a Cleansing Wash and an Anti-Itch Cream in order to try on my horse which has been s

  • Angela Brindley,

    Good Afternoon Sean,

    I have owned my gorgeous coloured cob for four and half years now. He suffers from leg mites, which causes him to itch and bite his legs, resulting in sores aroun

  • Paul Martin,
    Clanciarrai Kerry Blues.

    My name is Paul Martin from Lurgan, Co Armagh and I have been breeding Kerry Blue Terriers for thirty five years and also judge all terriers both at championship and open show level.  I hav

  • Alan Roocroft,

    It’s been my experience that Botanica products work as a softening agent on Elephant’s tails and feet. The areas on the tails and feet after Botanica creams were used were softer and

  • Predrag Marjanovic,
    Singapore Polo Club

    Dear Sean,

    I am very happy to say we have been using your Botanica Products on all types of skin with great success here at the Singapore Polo Club.

    We have used Botanica W

  • Brian Dooley,

    Dear Sean,

    I have been using the Botanica products for a number of years now and I must say our stable yard would not be without them.

    The Botanica Anti-Itch cream is absol

  • Tina Mc Grane,

    As a greyhound trainer I use a lot of Botanica products. I have been training greyhounds for many years and can honestly say that Botanica Natural Herbal Skin cream is the most effective cream I

  • Gerry Creighton,

    Hi Sean,

    As requested an update on the Botanica herbal cream use here at the zoo, I spoke with all the keepers involved in applying theherbal cream to our pachyderms [large mammal wit

  • Jayne Doherty,

    Dear Sean,

    I wanted to write to you to say I just love Botanica!

    It was first in my kit bag when packing for the European Championships this year as I knew it has so many u

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