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It’s been my experience that Botanica products work as a softening agent on Elephant’s tails and feet. The areas on the tails and feet after Botanica creams were used were softer and cleaner.

I highly recommend the Botanica product for use on elephants.



It’s been my experience that Botanica products work as a softening agent on Elephant’s tails and feet. The areas on the tails and feet after Botanica creams were used were softer and cleaner.

I highly recommend the Botanica product for use on elephants.



Alan Roocroft - Worlds Leading Pachyderm Expert


Dear Sean,

I have been using the Botanica products for a number of years now and I must say our stable yard would not be without them.

The Botanica Anti-Itch cream is absolutely brilliant. It actually works. Finding a product that only has to be used for two weeks in the spring and one week in July, without any covers, is a life-saver.

The very first time I used Botanica was for severe Itch and I can honestly say your product was true to your word.

We use Botanica for everything, Cuts, Grazs Botanica Wash and Cream are applied with great results. Excellent results with little or no Scar Tissue and hair growing back as normal.

Thank you Sean

Good luck Botanica


Brian Dooley

Good Afternoon Sean,

I have owned my gorgeous coloured cob for four and half years now. He suffers from leg mites, which causes him to itch and bite his legs, resulting in sores around his fetlocks and heel areas, but also at the back of his knees they are very scabby and get very sore and also sore to bend them.

I have tried various creams and lotions to try and help ease this complaint for him, ranging from £4 to about £43. Some have helped him, but not gone entirely and others have not even made a difference to him. I have used a lime and Sulfur dip from the vets to kill the leg mites, which I treated every week, but I needed a Wash and Cream to ease his sore knees.

I tried Botanica as ‘just another cream to try’ but have been absolutely amazed by the results, within a couple of days the scabs at the back of his knees were reducing and not as painful for him.

He has been on the Wash and Cream for about 2 weeks now and all scabs have gone, his knees are not sore anymore thanks to the amazing Botanica products which I highly recommend to every horse owner.

So this is just to say thanks from Angela and a very happy horse called Levi.


Angela Brindley

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Hi Sean ,my stallion had very serious problems in his sheath area caused by a buildup of smegma ,we had tried everything, and was having intensive treatment by the vet ,I had heard about Botanica from a friend. So I decided to try the cleansing wash and Botanica cream on him. After 3 weeks he went on to take MHAI ALL IRELAND CHAMPION under world judge Bill Fairchild. Thanks Sean.



Paula Flavin


Dear Sean,

I wanted to write to you to say I just love Botanica!

It was first in my kit bag when packing for the European Championships this year as I knew it has so many uses for both horse and rider!

It has helped me on many occasions with my horses, myself and my two kids and will also be an essential in our suitcase for our forthcoming holiday with the kiddiewinks.

I also have a little jar of the Botanica in my horse lorry for the journey home. After having my skin wind beaten all day at an event this soothing and revitalising cream soaks in beautifully.

All the best and good luck with it in the future!



Jayne Doherty

Hi Sean, I rang you last year and you said you would donate a Botanica Hamper to the Scottish Donkey Breed Society and we would very much like to take you up on this offer for a fundraising raffle. I promised in return to send a testimonial. Apologies for not having done this! However…

I have a 33 year old donkey Grey Gelding, who turns out regularly for charity events as well as various activities. Over the years the biggest problem we have had is Itchy Skin troubles and this donkey Porridge by name has been seen by countless “experts” and I have tried various treatments and management regimes. Since using Botanica products our lives have changed. Porridge is so much happier, healthier skin and I can honestly say it has changed his life. He recently appeared at our local theatre in front of a full audience blooming. Pictures can be found on Stephen Hammond Photography and go to gallery and you will see an old donkey in prime condition!

The cream was used by a Show Jumper who couldn’t ride because his leg which he had broken years ago was so badly scarred it rubbed when he rode causing sores, since Botanica Cream he has been riding and at competition level again!

Thank you for a truly brilliant product.

I can use the Anti-Itch cream without irritation to my own skin. (In fact it makes my hands lovely and soft.)

I hope you come to Scotland again and maybe think about coming to Blair Horse Trials, as well as the Highland as I think you will do well.

Thanks Sean for helping crack a serious mystery with our donkey.



Diana Milligan


Dear Sean,

I have a Friesian mare. When I bought her, I didn’t realize she had Severe Itch. We went on holiday in the spring and when I returned two weeks later she had literally rubbed her mane and tail bare, I could not believe it could come on as quickly as I had not seen any signs of it before.

After trying several creams and lotions, none of which Worked, a friend suggested we try the Botanica Anti-Itch Cream. At this stage, my mare was miserable. She had no mane and tail left, it was raw and bleeding, I was willing to try anything!

To my amazement, I couldn’t believe how quickly the Botanica Cleansing Wash and the Anti-Itch Cream Worked; the mare got instant relief when I applied the Wash and Cream. She recovered quickly, her hair started to grow back, she was so much more comfortable.

I am very happy that the Botanica products are derived from natural plants and contained no chemicals.

I will use the Botanica products earlier next year (March / April) now that I know what she has, and I know a product that Works.

Thank you Botanica


Laura Domenica


Hi Sean,

It has been nearly seven weeks since I e mailed you thanking you for the package you kindly sent to me. The filly had a nasty cut on her leg about above her knee, it measured about na inch long and about an incg deep that Within a week of starting on Botanica I could see the wound go smaller. In 6 weeks the hair has grown a little no one will know that there was nothing ever there.

Thank you for a great product, something I will keep in my 1st aid box for the horses and for myself, just a shame that I didn’t know about it months before.

Many thanks once again.

A Great product


Huw Gruffydd

Dear Sean,

At HOYS you asked me to let you know how my pony was doing on your anti itch cream. He now has hair on his quarters, and a tail, and our fence rails are intact! It took until now for me to be able to miss the odd day of application, but he looks great. Someone saw him at a show on Sunday, and didnt recognise him, as he has put on condition, and is much happier in himself now he is not consumed by itching!!!

I have recommended your products to several large riding schools where I teach, so you may well get some enquiries. I have also recommended you to an endurance yard, who are most interested, as it appears your products are FEI legal, and they are competing internationally, for Great Britain.

I will probably be in touch for another tub of the Anti Itch Cream in a while! Thank you,



Peta Roberts F.B.H.S.


My name is Paul Martin from Lurgan, Co Armagh and I have been breeding Kerry Blue Terriers for thirty five years and also judge all terriers both at championship and open show level. I have had the great privelige to judge Kerry Blues at Crufts in 2011 and Montgomery Terrier Show in the USA 2005. Needless to say, it is very important to me that my dogs look their very best when they enter the ring, so it was very annoying a couple of years back when one of my dogs broke the tips of his ears. This a very difficult thing to clear up as they keep shaking their head which keeps the problem going by banging the ears of the head. By chance I happened to meet a local man whom I have known for some time who keeps horses and he told me of this wonderful product he had been using with great success called Botanica. Martin suggested that I should use Botanica wash and cream on the dogs ears. I am a strong believer in Botanica products and have no problem writing this testimonial as they do exactly what it says on the label. Try Botanica and see the fantastic results for yourself…..your animals deserve it!!!


Paul Martin

Hi Sean,

As requested an update on the Botanica herbal cream use here at the zoo, I spoke with all the keepers involved in applying theherbal cream to our pachyderms [large mammal with thick skin e.g. elephant rhino.]and they are very happy with the improvement in the rhino’s, we found that as the weather was getting colder their skin was looking dry and flaking however since we start using the wash and moisturizerherbal cream there has been a significant improvement with no dry or flaking skin reported and a softness and fresh appearance on the new skin. We continue to use the wash andherbal moisturizer on our elephant family particularly on their feet prior to a pedicure it softens the cuticles making the cutting and filing of hard skin much easier we also use it to encourage skin softness on the base of their tails, so just a short update Sean to let you know we are very happy with the wash and herbal cream and have recommended it to many other zoo staff that have come to visit us here in Dublin, all the best for now and keep in touch.




Gerry Creighton Manager Dublin Zoo