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Bovine Care

The Botanica Range can be used on a wide range of Conditions including DAIRY COWS & PEDIGREE / SHOW CATTLE:

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    Day one: Use the power hose.

    Day two: Dilute the Cleansing Wash 20:1, Spray all over the body combing well in as it is the skin we are treating not the hair; it promotes hair growth and prevents itching and scratching. It is also Anti-Static.

  • Sore Feet

    Direction: The Cleansing wash can be used in a foot bath diluted 80:1 for the treatment of Digital Dermatitis and as a preventative. When the cows are in the milking parlour the wash can be diluted and sprayed directly onto the foot diluted 20:1 and then the Herbal cream can be applied.

  • Sunburn

    Direction: Bathe the affected area with the Cleansing Wash diluted 2 Capfuls in 1 litre in warm water (do not rinse off) and then apply the Botanica Herbal Cream. This is a very effective treatment, the healing will start immediately and within a week you should have hair growing back with no marks or scars “complete recovery” Repeat twice daily.

  • Teat Dip

    Directions: Dilute Cleansing Wash 40:1. This will lower cell count and is very gentle on the teat and keeps the teats in excellent condition.

  • Using the Herbal Cream

    Directions: Apply and Massage the Herbal Cream to the Teats Twice a day.

    1. Flagged udders
    2. Cuts and Tears on Teats
    3. Inflamed quarters
    4. Udder sores
  • Flagged udders
  • Inflamed quarters
  • Udder sores
  • Ringworm
  • General cuts and wounds
  • Black spot on Dairy Cows
  • Cuts and Tears on Teats
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Prevents and treats Itching and Scratching
  • Infected Stitches and Tears
  • Speeds up healing of Caesareans