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Ovine Care

The Botanica Range can be used on a wide range of Conditions including:-


  • Sore Teats

    Directions : Apply the Herbal Cream massaging well in. Keep the lambs away for approximately five minutes then after two/three treatments you should have complete recovery in a matter of days.

  • Dog Bites

    Directions: Clean with the Cleansing wash diluted 20:1 and apply the Herbal Cream

  • Foot Scald/ Foot Rot

    Directions : Dilute the Cleansing wash 10:1 and spray directly onto the foot and then apply the Herbal Cream.

  • Orff

    Directions:  Rub the Cleansing wash Neat onto the affected area. Then apply Herbal Cream.

  • Cuts and Wounds on Teats

    Apply and massage the Herbal Cream into the teats twice daily. 

  • Maggots

    Clean the affected area thoroughly wuth Cleansing Wash. Dilute 2 capfuls per litre of warm water and do not rinse off. Leave for 3-5 minutes then massage the Herbal Cream in well. Repeat twice daily.