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Human Case Studies

Aoife Flood Curran‎ to Sean Cooney Botanica
July 1 at 10:17pm · Kildare ·
Hi Sean, how are you? I just want to let you know, I’m on a course for six months with the army. We are on the ground most of the time now, spending most of our time in forests and fields. It’s physically demanding which means I’ve lots and lots of cuts, bruises and swarming with mosquitos. Just want to let you know how Much your Botanica Cream is helping me. I use it as a moisturiser and as an insect repellent and its working amazingly. It’s clearing up my cuts in a day which is helping a lot. Thank you so much. Aoife. 🙂

Caroline Taylor added 3 new photos — with Sean Cooney Botanica.

Before and after pictures of Emma after horse kick

After picture of Emmas eye after horse kick usineg the Botanica Herbal Cream NO SCAR

Judith Mcgonnell

Hi Sean just thought I’d give a wee update as you were so kind to give me some products at your recent visit to castle Leslie.
I’ve been using the face wash and cream ever since and have noticed a huge difference in my face.. Even so that friends have commented on how well it’s clearing up!
Also I scaled my hand very badly a week ago with boiling water and the skin all blistered… I was in so much pain and the doctor said I’d be left with a bad scar.. Until I used Botanica!! A week in and this is what I’m left with.. Healing very nicely and no sign of scaring!! Can’t thank you enough.

Hattie Martin

I met Sean at Liverpool, as many of you will see the picture of me on the left is before I used the botanica products! This was my skin at its best from about age 13 onwards..I would normally have slapped on the make up but that weekend I managed to forget my make up bag. Liverpool was in January…it is now the end of February, my skin is different! It doesn’t hurt to touch, I feel happy to go out in public without wearing make up and my confidence levels are up! Thanks so much. Please feel free to share everyone! I don’t want anyone to suffer as much as I did with acne!


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