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Here are some actual examples of how our products have helped treat animal wounds and specifically in horses.

Ireland’s Equestrian Case Study

Advertorial in Ireland’s Equestrian Nov -Dec 2012 Issue.

Case study following a foal with an horrific wound that was treated with Botanica’s Natural Herbal Cream and Cleansing Wash for 35 days.

Latest Update on Brian McLoughlin Horse – Winning Balmoral 2009

Winning the 6 year old class in Balmoral 2009

After successfully healing and recovering from this horrific injury in 2006, Lincourtgino,ridden by Dr John McLoughlin is now a potential grand prix horse having won the 6/7 year old Qualifier class @ 130cms at Balmoral in July 2009.

The Botanica Wash and Cream enabled a potential grand prix horse that previously would have been put down, to achieve that potential.

Please click on the link below to see Lincourt Gino winning his class at the American Gold Cup 2012.

Successful Treatment of Horse Wound for Brian McLoughlin using Botanica

This case study details the remarkable recovery of a horse with serious leg wound and the successful treatment and rehabilitation of horse using Botanica herbal creams..

I had brought this three year old horse by Gino in for breaking and had indeed had him driving in the long reins. One morning on going out to feed him I found him standing at the back of the stable with many cuts and tears and the horrific injury to his leg.

The little wall built diagonally across the corner of the stable to accomodate his feed trough had been demolished. I can only assume that at some time during the night he had become cast, while kicking in an attempt to get up he must have kicked through one of the blocks and got his leg jammed through the hole. He must then have struggled for several hours to do the amount of damage he did to himself.

When I saw him he had stripped all skin and flesh from a good four inch length of his near hind canon bone. The bone and tendons were clearly visible and indeed one tendon was mashed against the bone. I was easily able to reach into the hole and pull it away from the bone. He could not put his foot to the ground at all.

I immediately sent for the vet who, when he saw and examined the injury, immediately suggested putting him down. I disagreed and said we would give him a chance. He dressed the leg and said he would return in three days to see if there was any progress.

In the course of the next day or two I recalled having been told of a pony with an extensive leg injury which had been healed using Botanica cream. I contacted the owner of the pony who put me in touch with yourself who dispatched the cream to me without payment, I had it the next day.

I immediately began to treat the leg with it and did not have the vet back. Within a week there waas a marked improvement and I then called the vet back and he was also very surprised at the obvious improvement and healthy appearance of the wound. By the time I had used two tubs of your cream, following your directions, the wound had closed over and healed externally though there was still a considerable disfiguring swelling.

I put him out and the swelling has not only decreased dramatically as you have now seen but he is trotting and cantering completely sound, though I will give him until Christmas before bringing him in again to finish breaking.

In the meantime I have used the cream on all sorts of cuts and injuries and it has never failed to promote rapid and scarless healing. I have, as you know, recommended it to several other horse owners in the area and my yard will certainly never be without a tub of Botanica.

Brian Mc Laughlin

Horse Injury Treatment for Moyra Hyndman’s horse using Botanica

This case study details the story of Moyra Hyndman’s horse injury and recovery (told in her own words)using Botanica’s wound treatment products.

Case Study: Moyra Hyndman – Oct 2006

On the 7th June I went to pasture about one mile from my house. My intent was to bring in a horse and bring it back to work.The horse has a very infected huge cut on her off-hind canon area. We were not sure what caused the injury, but it was horrific. There was a large area of outer skin missing and the infection was so bad, that as she walked it oozed out and ran down her leg.

The horse was treated by our vet, the wound was treated and bandaged, and the horse was put on a strong course of antibiotics. The horse had to be sedated by injection before the vet could touch her leg.

As time went on, the vets tried various methods of clearing the infection. The horse visited the vet twice weekly for ten weeks and had to be sedated by injection each time. There was slight improvement on the cut, but the horse was becoming more difficult to load onto the trailer and we felt that she was becoming dull and not recovering as quickly from the injections.By this time our vet’s bill was huge and there seemed to be no end in sight. I was desperate.

Then some hope came when a man told me to visit a stand at the Dublin Horse Show. Gladly, I headed for the show and sought out the ‘Botanica’ stand.

I met and talked with Sean Cooney, and he introduced me to Botanica Cream and Botanica Cleansing Wash. I spent about 40 Euro and headed home. One of the things I was worried about was how I would even get near to my horse and touch her leg without sedative injections, let alone wash it and apply cream.

Sean gave me some advice on how to gain her trust, and assured me that the cream would work.

The next day, my husband and I took off the bandage, cleaned the wound and began to apply the cream. Sean was right! The Botanica cream seemed to have a soothing effect and within a few days we were able to apply it easily.Thankfully the improvement was steady and now the wound is almost completely healed.

I am indebted to Sean Cooney and his wonderful medicines. I also value his knowledge and advice on horse behaviour patterns.

I am looking forward to bringing my horse back into work and I can assure you my tackroom will always have a jar or two of Botanica Cream in it.

Moyra Hyndman
21st October 2006

Fatal wounds on a Grayhound

Fatal wounds on a grayhound

On 29th November 2009 my 7 year old rescue Greyhound Rosie was viciously attacked. We took her straight to the vet who did his best to stitch the wounds but some of the stitches came undone on day 8.

Kim Sanzone read about Rosie on the Greyhound Data forum and kindly sent me a tub of Botanica. I used it twice a day, three days on, three days off.

We are now on day 55 and Rosie is left with just a tiny scab!

Everywhere I go I tell everyone about Botanica! I left the literature Kim sent me at the vets for everyone to read.

I absolutely love the smell of Botanica, it is SO soothing. When Rosie was very poorly I looked forward to the “Botanica” part of the day because the smell of the cream relaxed both Rosie and me! In fact, I’d often open the tub of Botanica just to have a sniff to calm me down!!!

Is there any way you can make a Botanica candle or air freshener smelling of Botanica? !!!

I have attached Rosie’s photos for you to see, there are quite a few of them so I may have to attach them to another e-mail, but I am sure you will be interested to see how well Rosie has healed.


Sophia Lloyd-Haley

pictures in sequences:

Day 2: Day 5: Day 7: Day 8: two pictures Day 11: Day 14: Day 20: Day 30: Day 47: Day 54:

Wounds from Baler Twine on a Sheep Dog


I thought you might be interested in these photos as a testimonial. These are photos taken 10days apart. This dog was handed in to us with a “sore neck”, he had baler twine embedded in his neck approx 1 inch deep. He was treated with botanica wash & cream twice daily and systemic antibiotics. He has healed amazingly well. We have been using your product for years now & are truly amazed by its healing properties.

 By the Way we also use it as our protocol for Ringworm and it works every time.

Yours sincerely


Niamh Walch BSc DVM

Western Veterinary


Warrenpoint Enterprise Centre

Unit 12 and 13, Newry Rd, Warrenpoint, Newry, Co Down, Northern Ireland BT34 3LA