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Case Studies of Different Animals

Here are some actual examples of how our products have helped treat animal wounds and specifically in horses.


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21st October, 2017

Hi everyone, my name is Angela Eardley. On a recent visit to Hoys I was introduced to Sean Cooney from Botanica. We got into conversation about my best horse"Love Me': For all of you people that don't know me, I show jump all over the country at amateur level but with some success and travel far and wide to most of the major shows. 4 weeks ago "Love Me" had an accident and made quite a mess of her offside rear fetlock. I had been treating her with all the usual potions, lotions and anti-inflammatories with not much result as where it was kept splitting, bleeding and swelling. Whilst speaking to Sean from Botanica I told him all about this and he suggested that I did a "tried and tested" on his creams and washes. I could not believe the difference in just 1 week and all I did was wash twice a day then rub the cream in and you can see the difference. I also started to wash all my other horses' legs with the wash after exercise and none of have had the sand rash off the arena since clipping. I found the wash a lot less harsh than a lot of others as it It is definitely worth looking into Botanica as they do all sorts of different creams and lotions and after my experience with what I tried I will always keep it in stock. They also do a face cream for humans so I think I am going to try that next...

Latest Update on Brian McLoughlin Horse – Winning Balmoral 2009


Winning the 6 year old class in Balmoral 2009 After successfully healing and recovering from this horrific injury in 2006, Lincourtgino,ridden by Dr John McLoughlin is now a potential grand prix horse having won the 6/7 year old Qualifier class @ 130cms at Balmoral in July 2009. The Botanica Wash and Cream enabled a potential grand prix horse that previously would have been put down, to achieve that potential.