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Case Studies of Human Conditions

Here are some actual examples of how our products have helped with wounds and various skin conditions in humans.

Aoife Flood Curran to Sean Cooney Botanica

July 1

Hi Sean, how are you? I just want to let you know, I’m on a course for six months with the army. We are on the ground most of the time now, spending most of our time in forests and fields. It’s physically demanding which means I’ve lots and lots of cuts, bruises and swarming with mosquitos. Just want to let you know how Much your Botanica Cream is helping me. I use it as a moisturiser and as an insect repellent and its working amazingly. It’s clearing up my cuts in a day which is helping a lot. Thank you so much. Aoife.

Pauline Henry

April 17

I would like to pass on a priceless piece of information to all you expecting mothers and future mothers out there....I was expecting my first baby last September and like most women I was worried about how my body would be affected by the extreme weight gain....with the good advice of Sean Cooney Botanica International Ltd. I smothered Botanica's Natural Herbal Cream over my stomach, chest and thighs morning and night and I don't have one single stretch mark as a result, that’s after a 9 1/2 pound baby and a lot of fluid....even the doctors commented on how flawless and blemish free my skin was......I use Botanica for my face, body and even my baby's nappy rash, its completely natural and the results speak for themselves....I can't recommend it enough......and send a massive thank you to Sean Cooney Botanica

Mary Greening, Head of Research-Credit Your Horse & Country Magazines

Sept 17

I have been trialling Botanica's new Eternal Youth Cream and would highly recommend it for most skin types or ages. I have very sensitive skin; prone to congestion and breakouts, which is also easily irritated. I only use natural products specifically formulated for delicate and reactive skin types. This face cream is rich (which made me wary at first because thick creams are usually too heavy and block my pores!) and soothing with a mild, simple fragrance. I was surprised at how quickly it was absorbed and it felt calming, leaving a protective layer without being greasy. Eternal Youth Cream is made from a short list of ingredients (which I always look for in skincare products) including rosehip oil, renowned for restoring balance to unpredictable skin, and Aloe Vera to soothe and moisturise. After applying the cream every morning for two weeks I am delighted my face feels nourished, hydrated and healthy (and I haven't had any breakouts or flare ups!). A brilliant product from Botanica!

Imogen Miskin to Sean Cooney

Hi Sean I would just like to say a very big thank you! for kindly giving me some of your BOTANICA natural herbal cream, at "your horse live". For the scar on my forehead from when a dog bite me - when i was six years old. I am now thirteen and have been using your product regularly on my forehead for three and a half months now. And my mum is amazed at how the scar has faded so quickly!(I often find her using it the odd once or twice)I love your products and have recommended it to everyone I know. I also take it everywhere I go. Whether it's to a friends’ house, or on holiday, or even in my bag when I go to school. It works on anyone or anything. I even used it on my pony when she had mud rash. I will definitely use your products again! Once again thank you so much! Immy xx Thanks