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I was first introduced to Botanica Healing Skin Cream when my daughter contracted chicken pox.

My sister worked in a local Pharmacy and recommended it. She had it very bad on her face and neck – she used it day and night and now she has not got one blemish on her face.

She also had viral meningitis and broke out in boils all over her body. She used Botanica Antiseptic Wash in the bath as well as Botanica Healing Skin Cream and it made such a difference and I can recommend it highly to anyone. I also use it myself in the bath and after. It’s really lovely to use and my skin feels so good afterwards.


Mrs Theresa Lennon

A Northern Irish woman who survived a bomb blast hails Botanica as a miracle cream, as it healed a wound after almost 20 years!

“I was about to get into the bath when a bomb exploded beside my house. The cistern in the bathroom shattered causing multiple injuries to my face and body. Both my face and body were very badly wounded as a result of the blast, needing more than 2,000 stitches. I was left very badly scarred. One wound never healed for almost 20 years, until I got the Botanica Antiseptic Cleansing Wash and Herbal Cream. My son heard about the Botanica products and told me I should try them. I was very sceptical as nothing had worked in the past, but I gave it a try, and to my amazement it worked. I cannot speak highly enough of the Botanica products; I would definitely recommend them to everyone.”

Marian Cooper

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 Hi Sean,

I would just like to say a very big thank you! for kindly giving me some of your BOTANICA natural herbal cream, at “your horse live”. For the scar on my forehead from when a dog bite me – when i was six years old. I am now thirteen and have been using your product regularly on my forehead for three and a half months now. And my mum is amazed at how the scar has faded so quickly!(I often find her using it the odd once or twice)I love your products and have recommended it to everyone I know. I also take it everywhere I go. Whether it’s to a friends’ house, or on holiday, or even in my bag when I go to school. It works on anyone or anything. I even used it on my pony when she had mud rash. I will definitely use your products again!

Once again thank you so much!

Imogen Miskin


Please see attached photograph of the tip of my left ring finger after an accident at work and following plastic surgery at the Ulster Hospital, Belfast.

I know it looks a right mess and I despaired that my finger would ever look normal.

However after 4 weeks of daily bathing in Botanica Cleansing Wash and application of Botanica Healing Cream my finger is completely healed with excellent cosmetic result, normal function and sensation such that no one would know that it had been injured.

I am sure that this is through the therapeutic effect of the Botanica products

Paul Mulholland

Dear Sean

I have to write to tell you of the excellent results I have had from using your products. I bought your antiseptic cleansing wash plus other products at the horse of the year show in Birmingham earlier this month. I had recent surgery on my face removing a skin cancer and had a large fresh wound, stitches still in when I spoke to you. I used the products as you advised and the results are totally astounding. The doctors at the hospital are also shocked at how quickly the scar has healed in such a short time.it is hardly noticeable after just two weeks. I thank-you so much and have recommended your products to all I know.

Eileen O'Brien

Hi Sean, 

My mother bought a selection of you creams. She gave me some to use as a DEODERANT. I didn’t think for one minute that it would work, but I did use it at her persistence. To my joy it has worked extremely well. Before using this I had tried all types of deodorants on the market but found that they just DID NOT work for me. I didn’t attend several evenings out as I was so conscious of sweating but after using Botanica herbal cream I would most definitely recommend others to try. I can only say thank you to Botanica as it has actually changed my life for the better, for good, giving me so much more confidence in my life.

Thank you once again Botanica.


Hello Sean

I have been recommending Botanica Wash and Herbal Cream for all types of skin conditions.

Another indication for your consideration – footballers grass abrasions. I have used the cream in this condition with great success.

You might wish to consider sending samples to the county doctors and physiotherapists for the All Ireland Championship and perhaps likewise to the premier clubs across the water.

Regards for now.

Dr Adrian Mullholland

Hi Sean

I was talking to you last night, my blackberry battery was too flat to email last night.

I use Botanica Natural Herbal Skin Cream in the way windowlene is used in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. When in doubt, slap on some Botanica! I used it on sunburn and chicken pox on children, I have used it on ringworm, rain scald mud fever and cuts on horses and cuts, burns and scars on myself, my friends use it on dry skin on their hands and my nieces use it too. My mum even uses it on cold sores!

Almost three years ago I was involved in a traffic accident and ended up with burns to my face and shoulder and had to get part of my ear stitched back on. The doctors told me that I would probably need surgery as the burns would leave me with a permanent mark on my face and shoulder and my ear was likely to remain heavily scarred. I tried a prescription cream for a while but when I got out of hospital I remembered the cream I used on my horses and switched to it. I used it on my face and shoulder and was amazed at how well they healed. The marks on my face are only noticeable under close inspection and the scar on my ear is still getting smaller. It was such a relief not to have to get surgery or have a huge scar on my face

Jenny Close

I was given a sample of your amazing cream by Di at Coltsfoot (our sponsor) and IT IS AMAZING !! It heals almost anything… form spots to cuts and back again. No offence but its a little like having Jesus in a tub ;0).


Carla Russell