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I have been using Botanica products for more than 2 years on our horses, in particular the Wash and Herbal Cream. I have found these products to be excellent and very effective.

I would strongly recommend the Botanica products.



Mrs S J Smith (Racehorse Trainer) - Trainer

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Dear Sean

We have been using your Botanica Herbal Cream for two years now for various conditions, We have found the product to be excellent and all problems have cleared up very quickly and easily.

We would be delighted to recommend this product to any horseowner. Health And Happiness




Tom Taffe – Trainer


As a greyhound trainer I use a lot of Botanica products. I have been training greyhounds for many years and can honestly say that Botanica Natural Herbal Skin cream is the most effective cream I have ever used. Greyhounds pick up a lot of injuries during training and racing including cuts, scratches and bites.The results have to be seen to be believed. Botanica Natural Herbal Skin cream has lessened the amount of time my dogs have to spend out of training. As it is a natural product there are no worries about prohibited substances being given to the dog.

When racing on sand surfaces, greyhounds often suffer from what is called ‘Sand Toe’. This is where sand from the track gets lodged around the nail bed causing inflammation if not removed. If left unattended, this condition worsens causing pain, redness and swelling of the cuticle. If I have a dog that is susceptible to sand toe, I wash his feet in warm water and Botanica Wash when I get home from the track. This gently removes the sand and cleans the feet. You can see the results on your own hands after soaking the dog’s feet.

I recommend Botanica to all my friends. Seeing is believing. Once you start using Botanica, you will never use another cream again.

Tina Mc Grane – Pet

Tina Mc Grane – Geyhound Trainer


My name is Dessie Hughes and I am a horse trainer based at The Curragh Co Kildare. Due to increasing wet weather and regular use of artificial surfaces on the gallops our horses often suffer, We have found BOTANICA Herbal Skin cream to be a revelation. It instantly cools the skin and moisturises the area.


Dessie Hughes - Race Horse Trainer