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We have been using Botanica products for the past 2 years

Cracked heals…

Itching – Anti-Itch

Infact Botanica can be used everyday!!

It has always worked very well and we are very pleased with the results.

Alfonso Martin MRCVS – Veterinary


Alfonso Martin MRCVS


I had the pleasure of meeting Sean and his team at the Balmoral Show Last Year and I have been using the Botanica Products ever since, both personally and mostly through incorporation of the Botanica products into the treatment plans for my patients in my role as a Veterinary Surgeon.

I have had excellent results with the Herbal Cream and Small Animal Cream in promoting the healing of granulating wounds, superficial skin infections and burns. The Botanica Wash has also greatly reduced the level of Pruritus in many cases of generalised atopic or allergic skin disease. We use the Small Animal Care Cream in our practice on just about everything – small rashes, inflamed wounds, clipper rash etc. and also use the Botanica Wash in our mop bucket leaning a lovely smell in the clinic.

Daily I use the Herbal Cream as a Facial Moisturiser myself and have found it really improved my own skin, at home it is an overall general moisturiser and hand cream. The wash is used as a rinse to help my hair shine along with it being added to my mop bucket. Whilst on Holiday this year I noticed the cream Definitely worked very well on any insect bites I had but I think having the cream on also reduced their number.


Top range of products and some clear benefits and success.



Fiona McFarland BVSc MRCVS

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We have been using the Botanica range of products for more than 2 years and found them very effective.

They promote the recovery off horse skin. They are effective in recovery of cuts on cattle, tender areas around the udder. They act on irritation between the leg and udder, reducing friction.

We find they are effective in relieveing cuts and grazes in dogs and are particularly effective in the recovery of de-slieving injuries which are very difficult to manage/clear up.


Newry – Veterinary


I have been using Botanica Herbal Cream and Cleansing Wash for several years with great success.

I have treated Wounds, Cracked heels, Rain Scald and Pruritus (Sweet-Itch) all with positive client feedback.

Most recently I treated a thoroughbred yearling with a severe hock injury where tissue damage was both deep and extensive with exposure to both the cannon bone and the flexor tendon.  After 30 days of bathing with Botanica wash and treatment with the Botanica Herbal Cream the wound was reduced sufficiently to allow the patient to return home. The yearling tolerated the care exceptionally well and no discomfort was noted during treatment. Photos show the rapid healing process which usually leaves minimal scar tissue.

The Botanica products speeds up the healing process and can reduce convalescence by half.


Caroline Berry MVB MRCVS


The Botanica Products have been used in out surgeries for a number of years, with amazing results on all types of skin conditions:

  • De Gloving
  • Cuts and Grazes
  • Bites
  • Rashes- itching
  • Foot Problems i.e. Athletes foot
  • Track leg on Grey Hounds
  • Insect repellent

We have found the Botanica Wash and Herbal Cream to be Excellent products and would highly recommend them.

Brian Jones MVB MRCVS

Ancu Veterinary Hospital


We have been using Botanica products for a number of years now with amazing results for ALL types of Skin problems, some of which are listed below:

  • Sweet Itch
  • Wounds
  • Mud Rash
  • Rain Scald
  • Girth Scald
  • Bruising

We wash the horses with the Botanica Cleansing wash after exercise, reducing grooming time and ensuring our horses have clean skin and coats.

Botanica Have a super range that covers everything you need for topical application. No yard should be without Botanica

Ian A Duncan MRCVS


We met at the FRANCE VET congress in Paris a month ago and you gave me a few samples of your products a Cleansing Wash and an Anti-Itch Cream in order to try on my horse which has been suffering for 3 years, we brought him from the south west of France to the Camargue (south east, very marshy place, extremely infested with mosquitoes, biting flies (Stomoxys), Simulidae and lots of other nasties).

No treatment had shown any effect so far, so I must say that I was a bit sceptical…but I must admit, I’m impressed!

Like you told me, I used the Cleansing Wash diluted in warm water for washing the affected areas and then applied the anti-itch-cream. The pruritus diminished immediately after the first application, mane and tail started to regrow (visible after 1 week), and no apparition of new wounds on hocks, face and underbelly.

As a Vet, I must admit that there is no other product in the available pharmacopoea (at least in France) that gives such results.

For this reason, I’d like to know what conditions I could get in order to sell these products to my clients.

Please feel free to publish my testimonial, if you are interested, I could send some photos.



Dr Salomé Weingarten France


We have been using Botanica Range of Products for a number of years now with amazing w’.kits on Cuts, Grazes, Cracked & Sore Heels. In Botanica can be used daily

The Botanica Wash and Herbal cream are excellent products. We highly recommend Botanica Products.


Hugh C. Suffern